Social Media Marketing – Some Important Terms

Social Media Marketing – Some Important Terms

social-media-marketing-some-important-termsPromoting your brand online is a mere cake walk, only of you do it the right way.


Using social media as a technique to drive traffic, increase visitors, generate leads and positively convert them into customers for a lifetime is what Social Media Marketing all about.

With every social media platform you choose, you need to understand it’s built-in analytics well in advance. It is extremely important for any business to target their potential customers effectively, and for this one must comprehend the algorithm well.

Though there are certain terms that you must be aware of while you market your brand on one or all of the social platforms.


  • Conversions – Converting a potential lead into a loyal customer is what every business intends to do.
  • Reach – The key essence of social media marketing remains solid online presence and mass outreach.
  • Engagement – Being proactive and initiating conversations with swift replies to engage audiences is what you refer to as engagement.
  • Impressions – Each time you ad becomes visible on search result pages
  • Growth Rate – It implies the rate of growth of your target audience rightly depicting your social media momentum.
  • Visits – Determining the frequency of new visits and re-visits
  • Bounce Rate – Monitoring the bounce rates (the percentage of page visitors leaving after only one page view) and click-through rates (creating a spark of interest in your target audience towards your brand determining the success of an ad campaign)

  • Referral Traffic – Mere purpose of building awareness and loyalty is solved with an effective tracking system to increase the visitors on the website.

Focus on tailoring your social media strategy as per the target group and integrate all your efforts towards lead generation and conversions.


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